Govt to arrest Tareen, Sh Rasheed, others




Amidst pressure from PTI’s lockdown plan on November 2, the Islamabad Police along with anti-terrorist squad and Elite Force raided the house of PTI leader Jehangir Tareen in Sector F-7, but failed to arrest him as he was not present there.

Calling heavy police deputation a cowardly act of the government, Tareen said the PTI wound not step back and no matter how heavily it laid siege around them, they would not get scared.

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid is likely to be arrested soon, according to police sources. The Punjab government has issued orders to the Rawalpindi police in this regard.

In his tweets, AML chief Sheikh Rashid said: “These are the champions of democracy. They themselves live in bunkers and baton charge unarmed people, particularly women.”

Separately, officials of the Shehzad Town police station raided the house of PTI leader Malik Ilyas Meharban in Jabbi Town, while officials of the Alipur Farash and Ramna police stations raided the house of PTI leader Ali Awan at G-11, but no arrests were made as both the leader were not present at their residences.

Later, Ali Awan, who is also the opposition leader of the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, was arrested from a market by officials of the Shalimar police station.

On the other hand, the Punjab Police raided the house of PTI leader, Ejaz Khan Jazi, but he too was not at home. The police then arrested his brother Iqbal Khan.

It may be mentioned here that elder brother of Ejaz Khan Jazi, Imtiaz Ali Khan, is already in police custody.

On Thursday, the ICT administration and individual police stations issued notices to the owners of all local guesthouses asking them not to accommodate any PTI or PAT worker. Police sources claimed that the ICT administration would arrest more PTI leaders and workers before November 2.


  1. This crack down will heavily cost the government. It cannot escape its fate. Nawaz Sharif is history. His advisers, ministers and gang of 5 are digging his grave. Islamabad & Lahore will become their grave yard sooner than later.

    Sharifs are not acting wisely by cracking down on P T I , Awami Muslim League and P M L (Q). These arrests will strengthen P T I and its allies. A mass movement has been started across Pakistan. The Police cannot stop the shut down of Islamabad.

    Sharif government ha opened the flood gates and would be drowned in the Sea of the people. We condemn police brutality and dragging of lady workers. The use of brutal force has been unleashed by this most Corrupt government to save itself from accountability. Time has come for its departure. No force on this earth can save them.

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