Terrorists now operating from across border, says Interior Minister Nisar


Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar condemened the attack on police training college in Quetta and questioned why the security was not tightened despite the prevailing attack threats.

Chaudhry Nisar prayed for the martyred and wounded of the Quetta attack before his address to the passing-out parade ceremony of Islamabad police.

While talking to media, he said that the provincial government will be inquired about the attack and action will be taken against the one held responsible.

He emphasised that enemy is trying to spread chaos in the country and wants to fade away nation’s confidence in the security forces.

The enemy is weakened but not eliminated, he added.

Interior Minister urged that the security forces have to be alert every time as the terrorists are now operating from across the border.

“The war has still not ended. We have to be high-alert. First they were operating from inside Pakistan but now they are carrying out the attacks from across the border,” he said.

He once again vowed that they will continue to fight against terrorism.