Indian govt, RAW will be punished for orchestrating Quetta carnage: Hafiz Saeed


Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that Indian government and its agencies are involved in attack on Police Training College, Quetta.

“Attempts are being made to divert the world’s attention from ongoing atrocities of Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Narendra Modi and his ministers have admitted interference in Baluchistan,” Saeed said, adding that the government should expose Indian terrorism and interference to the rest of the world.

“Indian consulates are training terrorists and using them in KP, Balochistan and other parts of the country. India will pray for its crimes,” he added.


  1. Men like Saeed are the the root cause for the misery of Pakistan.
    Who is this man? Does he represents the opinion of the Pakistani Government or the People of Pakistan?
    Why this man is free and not in a custody despite he is internationally sought criminal?
    It is hard to understand!

  2. why does this publication print the delusional lies of this known terrorist…he is a hate monger who lives to spread hate for people…

  3. Sorry eddies i thought u were talking about THE DONALD dor a second then. Lol glass houses my burger eating american friend.

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