Image of dahi-bhalla salesman goes viral


An image of a dahi-bhalla salesman from Karachi has gone viral, with many women and even men from across the country fawning over him.

Spotted first by avid photographer Nawaz Sharif, the unknown salesman’s name is Mamnoon Hussain and has already been given a five-year contract by the Government of Pakistan. The job, like most modelling jobs, entails posing for photographs.

“Oh my God, he looks so cute,” exclaimed Kiran Qureshi, a student of Kinnaird College. “So cute and….presidential. On account of his being, you know, the President.”

“When you look at him, you get the feeling that though he looks like a mild-mannered softy, deep down, he’s a total badass and can actually protect himself and others,” said Saadia Haris, another fan. “Though the reason for that could be the fact that he is a mild-mannered trader, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy.”