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Today’s Pakistan a lot safe, secure than that of 2013: Pervaiz Rashid

Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Thursday said that Pakistan of 2016 is far more safe and secure than that of 2013 when the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz came to power after the general elections.

Addressing the launching ceremony of competition for “PurAzm Awards” here, the minister said that “very soon, the day will come when we would be able to say that we have revived the peaceful Pakistan of the past”.

He recalled that Prime Minister Sharif had in an interview during the 2013 election campaign said that he wanted to see revival of sports activities in Pakistan and the people going to parks in the evening without any fear. The minister said that Prime Minister Sharif faced the scourge of terrorism courageously and the situation had improved remarkably.

He said that in the past, Pakistan used to be a very peaceful country and mothers did not worry about the safety of their children going to schools and colleges.

Rashid said that the government, political parties, law-enforcement agencies, soldiers and officers of Pakistan Army, Rangers and police had given unprecedented scarifies to defeat this scourge. He asked the young generation to come forward and document the sacrifices of the persons who lost their lives in the war against terrorism, as they were real national heroes.

The sacrifices of the heroes in this war, he said, could be highlighted through the brush, paint, pen, still camera or video movie and he was confident the young generation would do this. The minister said that “the documentation of the sacrifices of the heroes in this war would preserve their sacrifices for the nation for the generations to come as they sacrificed their today to secure our tomorrow.”

He said that those who lost their lives in this war were not only Muslims but also belonged to other religions and their services were also praiseworthy.

The minister said that recently the national cricket team defeated West Indian team and the nation celebrated it in a befitting manner.

He said that “the posters of our sports heroes are seen on the walls of the rooms, but unfortunately photos of our real heroes who sacrificed their lives for securing the country from terrorism are nowhere seen”. Later, the minister formally launched the PurAzm Awards competition.

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