PM Modi thinks Indian army is as good as Israel’s


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday claimed the Indian army was now on par with the Israeli army, Times of India reported.

Speaking in reference to the Indian claims of ‘surgical strikes’ across the Line of Control (LoC), the Indian PM said, “Indian army, which everyone is talking about, is now as good as the vaunted Israeli army.”

“Everyone is talking about our army, we used to hear about similar feats of Israeli forces. But now everyone knows that the Indian Army is no less,” Modi said while addressing a rally in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Pakistan has stood by its stance on the falseness of Indian claims regarding the surgical strikes. “India’s claims of surgical strikes are baseless,” DG ISPR Asim Bajwa said in a statement. “There has been no surgical strike by India, instead there had been cross-border fire initiated and conducted by India.”

The military’s media wing added, “As per rules of engagement same was strongly and befittingly responded by Pakistani troops”.

Bajwa said the notion of surgical strike linked to alleged terrorist bases is an illusion being deliberately generated by Indian to create false effects.

“This quest by Indian establishment to create media hype by re-branding cross-border fire as surgical strike is fabrication of truth,” the statement said. “Pakistan has made it clear that if there is a surgical strike on Pakistani soil, same will be strongly responded.”

India’s military had claimed it carried out “surgical strikes” along the de facto border with Pakistan in AJK to thwart a series of attacks being planned against major cities. “Some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launchpads along the Line of Control,” Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, the army’s director-general of military operations, said in reference to the unofficial border in divided Kashmir.

“The Indian army conducted surgical strikes last night at these launchpads. Significant casualties have been caused to these terrorists and those who are trying to support them,” he told reporters in New Delhi, adding he had called his Pakistani counterpart to
inform him of the operation.


  1. Yeah! Both armies are evil and anti-Muslim. Both are engaged in killing and raping unarmed civilians and are simply land grabbers. It’s not an opinion but a fact.

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