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80% dengue cases from Lahore’s DHA

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has become an ideal place for dengue since eighty percent cases in the city have been reported there.

The recent report about dengue cases in the DHA has perturbed the local residents.

According to the report, the most cases occurred in the DHA’s Phase 5, 6 and adjoining areas.

The health experts have blamed stagnant water in pools as prime factor which has created panic among the residents who are now heading, in large numbers, to get dengue tests even with the slightest of symptoms.

Hospitals in DHA have also reported an increasing number of patients over the last couple of weeks.

Management at the National Hospital  said that at least 500 patients were admitted to the hospital.

In one month’s time, dengue larvas have been reported from more than 1,200 houses, sources said.

Moreover, dengue spray team is barred from spraying inside the houses.

Earlier, the DHA authorities told the district management that they would carry out the surveillance themselves.

Later, increasing number of dengue larva lead district authority to take over the task from the DHA management.

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