Why the west blames our army and agenceis


Always the hotbed of terror


Considering the turmoil our country is going through at present, we need to show solidarity and national integration. Yet it is heart-rending to note that some people in the country are following agendas of those who want to break Pakistan


May it be the historic war fought against Russia (Afghan Jihad), the calamities faced by the motherland or the current Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Pakistan’s armed forces have always stood tall and are the jewel in the crown of our history. It is an undeniable fact that without ISI and Pakistan’s army’s assistance/cooperation, winning the war against Russia in Afghanistan was not possible. It is extremely condemnable that the West and Pakistan’s worst enemy, India, are doing their best to portray Pakistan army and its security institutes as the “reasons” for the terrorism taking place in the region. However the truth of the matter is that we learn from history that it is the West and its imperialists that are responsible. Facing defeat after defeat at the hands of the Muslims, the West is burning with its desire for the revenge. The West was influenced by religious fanaticism from the end of the 11th century to the end of the 13th century. The wars fought to take over Baitul Muqaddas in particular and Arab lands in general, history calls these wars as crusades. Our western critics need to know that never did an Islamic state initiate war on any western country in these wars but it was always the united forces of the West which fought these wars from thousands of miles away, invading Muslim countries.

We need to know that the way West and its imperialist allies are trying to portray Muslims as terrorists and condemn Pakistan and its security forces as the nursery and abettors of terrorism. For centuries the West called a leader like Salahuddin Ayyubi a terrorist and an extremely callous/cruel leader of the Muslim world. This great warrior of Islam, at the time of the fall of the city of Jerusalem known as “Bait-ul-Muqqadas” never took revenge from the crusaders despite their cruel and inhuman, torturous and barbaric treatment with the Muslims. He treated the ones surrendering with love and pardoned them all. After the battle of Bait-ul-Muqqadas was won, Sultan Ayyubi announced that the Christians were free to leave Jerusalem in 40 days without any harm being done to them. This beneficent leader let them all leave by paying a small amount of compensation and the ones who were unable to pay were allowed to go free.

On the other hand the crusade wars were fought merely for religious supremacy prejudice and revenge. The so-called ambassadors of peace of the West known to us as crusaders displayed nothing but religious and racist prejudice, lies and extreme cruelty. It is and always will be a stigma on the face of the West; preaching peace and humanity to the rest of the world. And it is not only the critics outside Europe who propagate this but there are quite a few amongst them inside Europe also who are ashamed of these acts by these so-called preachers of peace.

The US is leading a campaign to tarnish the image of Pakistan and malign its security forces. One of the prime examples is a TV Serial show called “Homeland” aired on US cable channels not long ago. Produced by America’s Fox Entertainment Group, this program tried to prove to the world that Pakistan is a danger to world peace and ISI is in fact running the affairs of this country. We can well imagine the “actual motives” behind this TV serial by knowing that this show is based on an Israel TV show called “Batootum” and the writer and director of this paly, Mr Gadoon Ruff, also happens to be an Israeli. The thing worthy of note here is that quite a few Indian actors have also participated and performed in this serial. An important part of this serial shows that a terrorist group which is trained and aided by Pakistan’s ISI and its security forces plans and attacks the US embassy in Islamabad and kills 40 US citizens inside the compound. After which America disconnects its bilateral ties with Pakistan and sends off the atomic warhead carrier fleet called “5th fleet” towards Karachi. The heroin is played by a lady who is CIA station commander in the region called Carry Mithieson. This lady has spoken against Pakistan and ISI in the whole duration of this play. The whole play has portrayed ISI and other security institutes as two faced allies. The most condemnable thing about this play is that the kind of derogatory and insulting language used against Pakistan, its institutions, leaders, ISI and the Pakistani nation as a whole is absolutely shocking, intolerable and pejorative.

Considering the turmoil our country is going through at present, we need to show solidarity and national integration. Yet it is heart-rending to note that some people in the country are following agendas of those who want to break Pakistan. It is time that we become one as a nation. We must, finally, rise above our ethnic and sectarian identities and become one nation; something we have yet to achieve in our checkered history. There is absolutely no room for sectarianism and keeping in view today’s geopolitical and the international politics and conspiracies against the solidarity of our country, we need to show collective wisdom now. Stop shouting out “your martyred and our martyred” and show to the world that we are all one.

Peace in our country is not possible without getting rid of this notion from our hearts. The Pakistani nation is well aware of the American media war against it and its security institutes and is not ready to pay any heed to it whatsoever. The need of the hour is to stand shoulder to shoulder with our armed forced. It is an open secret about the CIA that it works first on demoralising and dividing nations and turns them against their armies and then break them easily, as we saw in Czechoslovakia.