Pakistan ranks fourth most dangerous country in world


Pakistan is the fourth most dangerous country in the world, according to the Global Travel and Tourism Report by the World Economic Forum.

The report, ranking countries on ‘Safety and Security,’ gave Pakistan a score of 3.04, while Finland, the safest country in the world, had a score of 6.7. The report found that the safest countries were in Europe. The bottom of the list was dominated by countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Finland is followed by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as the safest countries in the world, while Nigeria was ranked as the most unsafe country with a score of 2.65.

Here are the top ten safest countries in the world:

1. Finland

2. Qatar

3. UAE

4. Iceland

5. Austria

6. Luxembourg

7. New Zealand

8. Singapore

9. Oman

10. Portugal

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The least safe countries in the world are:

1 . Nigeria

2. Columbia

3. Yemen

4. Pakistan

5. Venezuela

6. Egypt

7. Guatemala

8. El Salvador

9. Hondurus

10. Thailand

11. Kenya

12. Lebanon

13. India

14. Philippines

15. Jamaica

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  1. How come USA and Afghanistan is not in the list of most dangerous countries? In US, more than 2000 school children have been shot since 1991 and more than 500-600 civilians are killed every year by police.

    • Although statistics are skewed, it is the right time for both India and Pakistan to swiftly move out of this unhappy association. Let us not worry about other countries.

  2. It is very unfair to Pakistan to give lesser ranking. Pakistan should have been at rank no 1 considering the strengh of our Jihadi organizations and the support they enjoy from ISI , army and political establishment.
    Very unfair.

    • You will always find a cynic and tellmore is one. US and India and Burma (Myanmar) are the top unsafe countries. Period.

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