The United Nations


Achievements or malfunctions



What’s the role of this organisation? Why it was formed and what were the objectives? These are the main questions; I want to ask all the nations and their heads. Because, I feel that its role has been restricted just to meetings of general assembly every year. Head of the states appear at the rostrum, make a speech and meeting is finished, without any cause, result or outcome.

UN was formed after the world war-II for the purpose to avoid further wars between the countries and to get the disputes settled at this forum. Did UN succeed to perform according to its main agenda, majority of the countries and their nationals feel? No.

When UN was formed on 24th October 1945, five “fathers” were selected, be the permanent members of the governing body to control the international issues, disputes and differences. Their main responsibility was to handle disputes and issues among the countries, arbitrate and settle them peacefully instead of going into the wars. But, one of the fathers (United States), shortly after its formation, opened a front of war in Vietnam and kept destroying the peace of that region for nineteen years and five months, killing millions of innocent people. Until, his losses forced the country to retreat back.

UN’s main subsidiary is “United Nations Security Council”, which unfortunately has been unable to execute and implement its responsibility according to the UN’s objectives, except to look after the interest of the “fathers”.

And, the “fathers” were never serious to maintain the world peace; rather, they preferred “Divide & Rule” policy to keep an upper hand, sell their annihilation equipment and to keep the economy of the other countries below par.

In middle-east, instead of solving the problem between Muslims and Jews, they created a tug of war which is still going on, bloodshed in that region is a routine and no peaceful solution so far has ever been considered.

One of the “fathers”, when announced independence of sub-continent, deliberately left an issue open, Kashmir, to keep the two nations fighting with each other and seeking their help or purchasing munitions from them so that their new inventions in the “killing fields” are experimented permanently.

These “fathers”, without considering the sovereignty of any country, always have been trying to invade the other countries where ever, they want to intervene. On the other side, their agenda seems, create issues of tension between the countries, let them fight, sell you ammunition, and rule them.

These “fathers” have two illegitimate children, Israel and India, for whom they out rightly go beyond the limits and are always ready to destroy all those who have any reservation about their misdoings, killings, violence and brutality.

UN has badly failed in solving the peaceful solution of Palestine and Kashmir.  Instead, UN’s controlling fathers created civil wars, way back in Jordan, tried to destroy Iran, by ousting their main and strong ally Shah of Iran, instigated Iraq to invade Kuwait, to cement their bases in that particular region and enjoy their wealth, then destroyed Iraq in the name of “mass destruction equipment” , killed Muammar Qaddaffi and created civil war situation in that country, created unrest in Egypt to have a strong hold on Suez Canal, and ruined Syria  to have a strong hold of Israel.

The worst ever situation created by these “fathers” is in Afghanistan, where war continues since decades (since 1978), their generations are suffering because of this devastation and peace of the region always stands at stake.

If, these “fathers”, keep their research laboratories open and every other day create new weapons of devastation and annihilation, they are justified, but if any other country tries to reach the limit to produce its own weapons for their defense, these fathers feel a threat for the international peace.

These “fathers”, first create forces like “Taliban” … “Al-Qaida” … and others, in the name of freedom fighters, and then declare them terrorist groups, as soon as the targets through them are achieved, in their words, “the mission accomplished”.

UN, headed by a “toothless” and ineffective Secretary, has absolutely been unable to control the “fathers” deeds and acts of international intrusion, violence and terrorism. In reality, amongst these “fathers”, United States is the strongest and controlling “father”, others (except China) usually follow its policy, destructive or other.

Then, what’s the purpose of this organisation?



  1. Dumb article. India is one of the most important countries in the world and is not an illegitimate child. If any child is illegitimate it must be Pakistan. A country thats bigoted and turns on its minorities, which has ethnically cleansed its minorities and continues to discriminate its minorities on the basis of their religion and sect by law is such a blot on humanity. A nation that had over 20% non-muslim minorities after independence has less than 3% non-muslim minorities today by last census. Maybe it may be less than 1% today. They have committed the largest scale genocide in the world.

  2. Mr Concerned Human, your figures are all wrong, miscalculated and bias. I don't know, who you are and what's your religion, please note it very carefully; killings in the name of religion have the highest figures in India. Pakistan was a very peaceful country where US has dented with their creation of Talban and other militants. Its our brave nation and army which could not let the Indians and Americans ruin our country as they already have ruined Afghanistan. DAYS ARE COMING FAST WHEN WE'LL THROW ALL OF THEM OUT OF OUR TERRITORY and will never let them re-enter. India and US, both are heading towards disintegration. Law of average is always there.

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