Occupied Kashmir and the world


The ongoing mass protests in occupied Kashmir have entered the fourth month. Indian Interior Minister‘s 7 day deadline to security forces given in early September to end the unrest remained unmet despite the use of extreme repression. Since the start of the movement on July 8, police have arrested close to 7,000 people in the valley while more than 450 people have been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA), the highest-ever number in the Valley. In addition to these 1,500 others are under detention without any charges. Hundreds of protesters carry marks of pellets fired from guns while dozens have lost eyesight. On Friday, a 12 year boy died of pellet wounds raising the death toll to 97. For the first time, Kashmiris in Jammu and Pir Panchal region and the rural population in the Valley have also joined the protests.


The ongoing record breaking shutdown of the occupied Kashmir continues amidst the biggest crackdown in two decades. Never before have the Indian atrocities received international projection at this scale. India remained on the defensive till the Uri attack. .


The terrorist attack in Uri proved to be a stab in the back of the Kashmiri people. It diverted the world’s attention from the ruthless and disproportionate use of state power to the condemnation of the terrorist act. As usual India accused Pakistan of sponsoring the terrorists. With tension rising on the LoC, particularly after the so called surgical operation, the media discourse was diverted to the issue of terrorism leading to possible war between the neighbours armed with nuclear weapons.


The two member delegation sent by the Prime Minister to apprise the US lawmakers and think tanks of the Kashmiris’ plight had to answer questions about Pakistan’s role in promoting terrorism wherever it went. As the Operation Zarb-e-Azb nears its close, there is a need on the part of Pakistan’s law enforcers to turn their attention to Afghanistan and India specific terrorist groups who are responsible for marring Pakistan’s relations with US, Afghanistan and India.


  1. No audience for your fake humanitarian concerns for 'Kashmiri muslims', the world latures you on getting rid of your 'terror' establishments.

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