PM Modi govt filming fake ‘surgical strike’ videos in Kashmir


According to details shared by an independent Kashmiri legislator on Wednesday, the Indians are busy filming a fake video of conducting ‘surgical strikes’ in Pakistan, which will be released in a couple of days.

As pressure mounts on the BJP-led Indian government to produce evidence and proof to back their claim of conducting ‘surgical strikes’ in Pakistan, the Indians are busy trying to save face. So much so that the Indians are busy filming fake videos which depict them conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan, according to an Independent Kashmir legislator.

Speaking to media personnel at a local hotel in Srinagar, the legislator said that a fake video was being filmed adjacent to the border which will portray the Indians crossing the border into Pakistan.

The legislator said that BJP was intent on covering-up the facade of surgical strikes since pressure from the opposition was growing, who were demanding proof of surgical strikes being conducted in Pakistan.

Delhi CM Kejriwal also demanded proof that India had conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan a couple of days ago. The demand for proof has irked the Indian media, who have resorted to criticizing Kejriwal and like-minded individuals who are demanding evidence of surgical strikes.




  1. Can anything be more dumb than this? How the Pakistani army is able to fool all the pakistani people all the time is a mystery! Pakistani people have to look at the 1971 ISPR statements and media to understand how foolish the statements were after 2 days after surrender by Pakistani troops. If Pakistan needs to grow, it first needs to put the Pakistani army in place and not let them dictate anything other than defence.

  2. This is funny. Why can't these "so called" sources film the indian army filmimg the fake surgical strike.

  3. Exactly, Because we destroyed their check posts and killed their soldiers and we played the videos like 1000 times. Why can’t they? Because they don’t have any and I’m 100% sure anything the bring will be a fraud. They bottom line is, They told lies and now they are choking on it.

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