Lawyer files Rs2.5m lawsuit against Careem for bad service


A Lahore-based lawyer has filed a Rs2,520,000 lawsuit against Careem alleging that the company’s bad customer service caused him monetary loss and, as well as, damaged his repute among lawyers’ community.

Careem is a multinational transportation network company operating an app-based car booking service.  Riders can make requests for immediate or scheduled pick-ups through the Careem phone app.

Supreme Court lawyer Mian Kashif Ashfaq has filed a petition in the Lahore District Consumer court stating that he booked a ride via Careem’s smartphone app. However, the company’s chauffeur failed to reach in time. When he complained to transportation network’s Lahore office, the operator canceled his ride without his due permission.

Moreover, when he complained to transportation network’s Lahore office the operator canceled his ride without his due permission.

The complainant said that Careem’s cab service to failed to pick him from the promised locations on May 16, August 15 and August 23. The company again repeated the “negligence” on September 19, when the petitioner even failed to attend a scheduled meeting with a client due to poor customer service of Careem.

“The petitioner was shocked by the ineptness and delinquency of the said representative of Careem….who on his own sweet will canceled the ride of the petitioner without reckoning anything and charged the petitioner with Rs150 cancellation fee,” the complainant said.

Following the “ill-treatment,” the petitioner served a legal notice to Careem seeking payment of the damages incurred due to the company’s “bad service”. The notice was never answered by the respondent company or their legal counsel.

At which, the affected customer moved to the local court via his legal counsels –MKA Law Chambers– under the Punjab Consumer Protection Act 2005.

The petitioner prayed to the court to issue a decree for a sum of Rs2,520,000 as a payment of damages caused by the bad service of Careem be passed in the favor of petitioner and against the respondent of the petition.

Questions about the legal proceedings were emailed to Careem’s press wing but were never responded.


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