India refuses to comment on surgical strike claims: US State Dept


US State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said that the Indian government refused to comment on their claims of conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan.

Speaking at a press briefing in Washington, the state department spokesperson stated that the Indian leadership has not given any kind of statement when being asked on their claims of surgical strikes in Pakistan.

She also said that the United States has not changed its policy on Kashmir.

Trudeau further said that the United States has been in contact with the leaders of Pakistan and India over the situation and stability in the region.

The United States is trying everything it can to defuse the hostilities between the two South Asian countries.

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  1. Wait for 10oct, all your bluff will be met out with sword of truth, further we are independent republic country so we don’t need US approval as what we can or want to do, as far as the proofs goes just wait and watch

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