India is over publicising ‘surgical strikes’, says former Home Minister


Indian former Home Minister P Chidambaram has gone on record to assert that the much-hyped surgical strike for punitive action against the terrorists crossing the Line of Control last Wednesday night was not for the first time.and said that India was over publicising the ‘surgical strike’ on Pakistan.

The former home minister was giving an interview to an Indian news channel where he said that the two countries should continue talks to solve its issues.

He says a similar “major strike took place in January 2013, when the UPA government was in power but it chose not to go public in keeping with its policy of strategic restraint.”

He said that Pakistan was India’s neighbour and one cannot live in peace without brotherly relations with its neighbours.

He added that most of the public in both countries wanted peace.

He said that the film and music industries of both countries could not remain cut off from each other for too long. He added that non-political contact through cultural exchange should continue.

He said that sports should not be affected by politics.

Tensions between the two countries have mounted following an attack on the Uri military base which killed 18 Indian soldiers and the killing of Burhan Wani a Kashmiri separatist.

This past week India has continued unprovoked firing at the LoC several times, which have killed four Pakistani soldiers.



  1. It seems Incredible. Pakistan army gets a bloody nose repeatedly and chooses to remain silent.

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