Dolphin force fails to perform as crime continues to increase in Lahore


The Turkey-trained officers for The Dolphin force in Lahore who were unsuccessful to perform competently as street crimes continue in Lahore.

The officers on heavy bikes worth Rs 13 lac became unsuccessful in controlling street crimes due to which more than 2200 criminal activities were taken place in first nine months of the current year.

It was also learnt that 10 citizens were murdered over dacoity resistance in six months while 688 personnel with advanced equipment were unable to thwart any big attempt.

Deputy Inspector General Operations Dr Haidar Ashraf said, “Dolphin force checked more than 39,477 cars, 40,000 bikes and 38555 people in September.”

He also revealed that the personnel also arrested five street criminals during patrolling.


  1. They are more like shy stuntmen rather than patrolling guys. I’ve seen many riding bikes like they are participating in Dhoom 4.
    Immature yet unsuccessful personnels. Costing us millions per month with zero productivity ?

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