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Diplomats involve in selling liquor bottles

The diplomats of North Korea have imported over one hundred bottles of liquor from specific quota and later illegally sold these bottles, it was revealed.

Credible sources told “Online” that Pakistan custom has seized over 100 bottles of liquor imported by North Korean diplomats during the current year 2016 and later refused to release seized bottles despite extra pressure. The officials had exalted pressure in this regard to release these bottles but they have refused to do so.

The sources further revealed that in 2015 a North Korean couple has been apprehended over the illegal sale of alcohol at a local hotel

Sources said that diplomats had made local residents their agents which were reported the alleged involve in this heinous crime adding that these agents provide services to houses located in posh areas of the city.

“The diplomats earn heavy amount more than their salaries through liquor selling”, sources added and maintained that the staff of provisional excise department is allegedly involve in this crime which received their share regularly from this income.

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