PM Nawaz refused to condemn Uri attack despite pressure from UK, US


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was asked by the US and the UK to condemn the attack on India’s Military base leading to death of 18 Indian soldiers but he refused to do so.

Both the influential western capitals were speechless when asked about the world’s silence with respect to the killing of more than 100 Kashmiris and injuries to thousands more by use of pellet guns by Indian forces.

According to reports, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during the recent UN General Assembly session was asked by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UK Prime Minister Theresa May to condemn the Uri attack and the killing of Indian soldiers. The PM, however, refused to do so.

These sources said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said how Pakistan could do this while India had no regret over its atrocities and brutalities whereas the world had turned a blind eye to the killing of more than 100 Kashmiris.

Pakistan rejected the Indian allegations of Islamabad’s involvement in the Uri attack. However, Pakistan offered full cooperation to investigate the matter as it believed that the Uri attack was an operation carried out to malign divert the world attention from Kashmir.

Pakistan considers the Kashmiris’ struggle for their right to self-determination as legitimate and thus offers moral and diplomatic support to their cause.


  1. Dear UK and US, first of all you have to condemn Uri attack in strong words. Instead of that, you “pressurized'' (?) Nawaz to condemn it ,who, in reality, is the supporter of killings Who knows, there is every possibility that he himself might have planned Uri attack. Mr.UK, we do not know much about you, But, Mr.Uncle Sam, you are a bad uncle who has not stopped supplying ammunition to Pak. Your melodrama of “ pressurizing Nawaz'' is ridiculous..

  2. @jagannatha probably everyone knows that uri was an inside job, and welcome back on earth after you’re surgical strikes that you people do every other day on railway tracks courtesy some serious shortage of toilets.

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