Thousands march on to Raiwind to protest Momina Mustehsen’s engagement


Thousands of angry citizens from across the country marched on to Raiwind, to Jati Umra, the personal residence of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, to protest against the engagement of recent pop sensation Momina Mustehsen.


“A mere condemnation isn’t good enough,” said Hassan Naqvi, one of the protestors. “We want to know why incidents like these keep on happening!”


“Every time thpharma-plants-strike-in-pakistan-to-protest-qc-rule-changes_strict_xxlere is an incident like this, the government simply takes these statements of condemnation out of cold storage and only the dates and names of the condemnation statement are the same.”


“It’s the same pattern all over again,” said Saleem Butt. “The president, prime minister and cabinet minister condemn the incident. A world leader or two also send word. A couple of months late, it’s the same thing all over again!”


“We need to know why these things keep happening. We need to know why they keep on happening to me!”


When asked whether the march was, in any way, related to the March by the PTI regarding the Panama Leaks, Mohsin Shafiq, another protest leader asked, “What is a Panama?”


Meanwhile, the person at the centre of the controversy has asked the public to calm down. “Without any disrespect to any of my fans, this really is a private matter; doesn’t concern anyone else,” she said. “What happened was pretty normal. My fiance and I met five minutes ago, our families liked each other and we got engaged.”