India to use disruptive technologies in future to give befitting reply to Pakistan


India is looking at no-contact counter-offensives to reply back to Pakistan in the future. In this regard, India’s think-tank is planning to use laser technology as a part of disruptive defence and security technologies.

As per reports, the Niti Ayog wants to do away with the decade-old policy in defence and come out with new solutions.

Former DRDO Secretary and Present Niti Aayog member VK Saraswat told ET the think-tank will identify disruptive technologies and put it in the vision document.

In the West, the laser technology is quite famous due to precision targeting and low cost of usage.

The laser weapons work on the basic principle in which laser beams are impossible to avoid or detect.

They can target both enemy personnel and enemy communications and installations.

The US army and navy are most advanced in laser weapons or directed energy weapons research.

“Niti Aayog’s plans are to get India to adopt laser technology for use in a variety of defence settings, including guarding India’s borders against Pakistan. Such a weapons systems in, say, LoC can be a game-changer,” experts revealed.


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