The way to counter Modi’s moves


No reason to gloat

Narendra Modi’s transformation from Hindu war goddess Durga to smiling Buddha was not dictated by choice but by necessity. After having weighed the military options in several meetings with military and intelligence chiefs Modi was convinced that war would do more harm than good to India. He  decided therefore to go for non-military options. This was no  easy decision as only  a week earlier  one of  his  cabinet ministers had  demanded  jaw for a tooth. Modi knew he would be accused by friends and foes of acting no differently from Congress who he had lambasted in his  election speeches for being soft on Pakistan. Despite the  political risks involved  he opted for  strategic restraint  which is good for India and the region.


Not that India would not do its utmost  to corner Pakistan, a policy every  state  takes resort to when dealing with rivals and antagonists. To counter this Pakistan has to depend on its diplomacy which should better be left to the elected government and foreign office.  To avoid being  further isolated Pakistan needs to go after terrorist outfits in Pakistan without cherry-picking.  Attempts by India to reconsider the terms of the Indus Water Treaty should be foiled at right forums like the UN. Henceforth the India policy should be  in the hands of the diplomats guided by the political government.

Ambassador Abdul Basit has said  Pakistan will remain positive and constructive in its ties with India.   This would send the right message both to India and the international community. Pakistan should be seen to be willing to go an extra mile for peace while maintaining its principled  stance on Kashmir.

Despite its  talk about isolating Pakistan India has sent its anti graft chief to attend the SAARC meeting in Islamabad. Similarly Samjhota Express continues to ply between the two countries.  Pakistan should welcome Modi’s  strategic  restraint  and take measures to ensure that all heads of the SAARC countries attend the summit due two months hence.


  1. Sir,

    The day your mentality will change from this hate mongering posture of wrongly depicting the goddess of creation Maa Durga as THE HINDU WAR GODDESS,half of the problem between our two countries will get solved.You may have every right to worship your way,but at least don't hurt others feelings with your half-knowledge which is filled with prejudices for others beliefs..Why this mayhem in the name of God from you people?at least you are an educated person and you should know that if you are human lets don't hurt religious sentiment..Let me be very honest,No Indians are anti-Pakistani,we are against this prejudices of disrespecting others beliefs.If you are an editor better learn what is correct and edit the wrong so you can be called as a good editor..

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