Uri attackers will be punished: Indian PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday (today) addressed the nation through his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ where he paid tribute to 18 soldiers who died in the attack on Army camp in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri last week.

“Recently our 18 soldiers laid down their lives in Uri. Such a cowardice attack was enough to stir the nation. I am sure that our soldiers would keep foiling such acts in the future,” PM Modi said in his radio address which completed two years today.

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He added, “Army doesn’t speak but shows valour through its act”.

He also spoke about the unrest in the Kashmir valley saying that the people.

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  1. Modi Jee, you said attackers will be punished. Then you have to punish RAW who created this drama.. And you knew it well !

  2. Pakistanis will never come out of their madarsa dreams.. They should realize the truth. As they claim Indians are not cowards like pakistan leaders. A good mother wont kisll his own best loved son. Instead in pakistan people killed by their sunni brothers and kids brought to death by terrorists to create fake drama on India. We are having Muslims as 15% still no sunni or shia wont have any difference in the mindset of India like pakistan. Here People can live without a religion but in pakistan only Muslims are dictators (still there may some indian hearted muslims who feel non muslims are also equal to them). The Narendra Modi ji is paying up to 20 lack Indian rupees for the assistance of Indian muslims for abroad studies.
    The same India is giving training and opportunities to get jobs for Kashmir youth. The well studied kashmir never fight against India he just wrote a letter to Narendra modiji. Only Religious and malnourished minds will bring terror to kashmir. Will you give a flower to your opponent when he is trying to kill you ?

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