Traffic police say no to Qingqi routes in Karachi


Karachi Traffic Police have strongly opposed to 71 routes permits devised by Sindh Transport Department for resuming Qingqi rickshaws, better known as Chingchi, in the city, said Traffic DIG Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh on Friday.

The DIG said that it is the prime duty of traffic police to regulate traffic flow in a right direction in the city so the Sindh Transport Department should take us on board before devising routes for Qingqis, as the present draft of routes could lead to massive traffic jams everywhere in the city.

Dr Amir said somehow, they were able to control the traffic flow on most of the city’s roads so it would not be allowed to anyone to demolish the traffic plans that were being implemented in the city.

He said they have already asked Sindh Transport Department to constitute a committee that would comprise of officials concerned and representatives from Sindh Transport Department, Karachi Traffic Police, Karachi Transport Ittehad and All Karachi Qingqis Welfare Association so that a suitable route plan for Qingqis could be devised for their plying on city’s link roads.

It may be noted that these three-wheeled rickshaws were completely banned by the Sindh High Court last year. After that, All Karachi Qingqi Welfare Association appealed to the Supreme Court (SC) for lifting the ban.

Sindh government promised to bring an efficient public transportation system, and the court kept the decision intact once again. When SC inquired the government about the alternatives, it announced the previously dropped projects of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and solar-powered rickshaws. When it seemed that the government of Sindh was unable to show any progress in its urban public transportation system, it was only then the court allowed Qinqi rickshaws to ply on the roads.

The DIG said it has been observed that these rickshaws are dangerous vehicles for commuters and as such, they should be restricted only to the link roads.The DIG said Sindh Transport Department should finalise the work on these rickshaws’ safety and registration.