Muslim woman shuts down man asking her ‘why she was driving’


Journalist Nargess Moballeghi received a Facebook message from someone informing her that, as a Muslim woman who wears the hijab, she shouldn’t be driving under ‘sharia law:’

Why are you driving? Under sharia law in Saudi Arabia where Islam was born, you are not allowed to drive. The freedom you are enjoying in the West came from Christianity, NOT Islam.


Now, Moballeghi could have got angry at yet another attempt by a bigot to explain her own religion to her.

Moballeghi could have lashed out at the man but instead, she delivered the shortest, most brutal history lesson ever:

“While I understand why all the misinformation in this world has got you to this point, it’s just not a valid one. Firstly, there were no cars 1400 years ago; therefore it’s not really sharia law. Secondly, there are many rights to women that Islam afforded for 1400 years well before Christian countries implemented them (in very recent history); such as the right to work, and the right to a pre-nup. It’s not a competition, but hey you did bring it up. Thirdly, Saudi may be where Islam was born, but the Islam it practises now is not endorsed by most Muslims (who incidentally think the no driving by women is ridiculous). In fact the current monarchy there has its roots in a tribe who rebelled against Sunni Islam (the main body of Muslims). Why haven’t we done anything about it you ask? Well the Saudis are very well protected you see…and not by Muslims. The creation of the modern day Saudi Arabia and its monarchy was actually funded and propped up by the British, who explicitly wanted the Wahabi (extremist) Islam to be promoted there (for political reasons of course). and despite all their barbarity and all the protests across the world (including once a week here in London where there are protests against Saudi Arabia and Britain’s relationship with them by – shock horror – Muslims!) so actually it would be great if the “Christian west” country of America and Britain would stop supporting Saudi with arms, money and diplomacy…you know all the things that have helped create those western freedoms you are chirping on about that have not come from the noble principles of Christianity at all…but from power politics that endorses the very same warped Islamic thinking that you are criticising. I hope you kept up.”

Courtesy: Independent