For the independence of cinema


Cinema plays an important role in defining and reshaping a society. Of course, that is subjected to the quality of content that is on display. The recent ban on ‘Maalik’ was unnecessary. We have global examples where some film/documentary producers are known for criticising governments but their work isn’t banned. Cinema as an industry has suffered for decades in Pakistan. With new blood coming in this field, a hope for a better future and recognition globally was born. Banning a work of art just because it irked a few won’t do well for the revival of cinema. One should not forget that like other investments, producers invest in a movie to make profits. With such events which put producers in murky waters, future investors may start issuing strict guidelines to directors and script writers. The industry would suffer but the most important victim will be the industry altogether. I hope that the decision to un-ban the movie will be a message for all.


Zeeshan Khan