Awami Express passengers reach Karachi after 24 hrs


The passengers of the Awami Express which met with an accident on Thursday morning reached Karachi’s cantonment station through an alternate train on Friday.

Awami Express reached the Cantonment Station of Karachi at around 05:00 in the morning, where a huge number of locals had gathered to greet their relatives.

While talking to the media after arrival, different passengers held the driver of the train responsible for the accident in which four compartments went off the track due to high speed near Sher Shah Junction.

On Thursday, Awam Express collided with a freight train in Multan after which investigations in the matter were launched.

It was reported that the situation developed after around 15 minutes of Awami Express leaving Bucch Station in Multan on way to Karachi from Peshawar.

In the aftermath, the Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Railways, Javed Anwar said that a committee was formed to probe the accident. While talking to the media in Lahore, he said that one track was reopened for traffic and repair work was underway on the affected track.

Last November, 19 people were killed in Balochistan after brakes of a train were suspended and it sped down a mountain.

In July 2015, at least 17 people were killed when a special military train fell into a canal after a bridge partially collapsed.