Gai Mandi


According to a news report, Pakistanis spend Rs. 150 billion on this Bakra Eid. This means that business in Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi is also of billions. It is surprising that when this huge amount business is done then why are the cattle markets not properly maintained?

In the night, cattle market light is not good so 15-20 floodlights which are installed in stadiums should be installed. Roads should be built inside the cattle market as well. Mosques and washrooms should also be built in various locations. CCTV system should be installed which can cover the entire Mandi. The present CCTV system covers only a few places. The transport system of sacrificial animals should be good. A huge parking space is available but because of mismanagement, it is often seen that the cars are stuck in a rush, so proper management of car parking should be introduced.

Concerned authorities should take notice of this and start its work for the year 2017.

Mubashir Mahmood