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RAW’s mouthpiece



Arnab Goswami is the Editor-in-Chief and the anchor of Indian TV Channel’s current affairs programme “The News Hour”. Mr. Goswami has the reputation of being a hardnosed, no-nonsense style anchor but the truth is he is a biased bigot, who works in accordance to a heinous agenda. The crux of his daily talk shows is hosting guests from Pakistan, attempting to harass them with a barrage of questions, butting in while they attempt to respond and giving himself and his Indian viewers the sadistic pleasure of putting the Pakistani participants in the dock.


Giving the devil his due, both Arnab and his Indian participants come well prepared, albeit with distorted facts but their endeavour is to overwhelm the Pakistani participants through bullying, hurling accusations and snubbing them.


Arnab Goswami works to promote the activities of Indian spy agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). Last year on New Year’s Eve, RAW orchestrated a drama in which a fishing boat was apprehended and projected as a terror boat from Pakistan. There was no video coverage, apart from “Times Now” TV Channel, which was “coincidentally” on board an Indian Coast Guard vessel and filmed the entire gory episode. Choreographed in the script of the false flag operation, “Times Now” recorded the boat being chased by Indian Coast Guard and blowing itself into smithereens when the coast guard came closer. The visuals of the burning boat were carried exclusively by “Times Now”. Arnab Goswami went berserk, presenting the episode as another attempt in the style of the Mumbai Attacks of 2008 to strike terror in India but that this one was nipped in the bud.

The exposé came two weeks later, when B.K. Loshali, the DIG Indian Coast Guard, boasted to another TV Channel “Let me tell you. I hope you remember 31st December night. I was there at Gandhinagar and I told at night, blow the boat off. We don’t want to serve them biryani.” Apparently, the fishing boat had been evacuated before the explosion and was laden with some kind of flammable material, like oil, because the flames reached sky high. If the boat had been laden with explosives as alleged, it would have just blown up and not caught fire. Loshali was court-martialed and sacked for exposing the RAW-Times Now plot.


Whenever a statement of some kind is issued by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism, Arnab Goswami is the first to include the subject matter in his debate and brandish threats on his Pakistani guests.

The modus operandi is that a regular participant from India Maroof Raza, an Indian Muslim, who is also the Consulting Editor, Strategic Affairs for “Times Now”, RSN Singh, Former RAW Officer & Military Intelligence Expert, and General G. D. Bakhshi, defence analyst form the quartet. The Indian participants play according to a game plan to target a specific Pakistani guest and through prompts and prodding by Arnab Goswami, try and pin down the Pakistani participant.


During one such debate, just after another false flag operation conducted by RAW, this time against Indian Air Force Base Pathankot, on January 5, 2016, Arnab called for a debate in which this scribe was also a participant. It may be mentioned here that the first time I appeared in Arnab Goswami’s show, finding the atmosphere so vitriolic and Arnab’s style so hostile, I decided to walk out of the programme. Later on it prevailed upon me that one should not leave the field clear to Mr. Arnab and his cronies to embarrass Pakistan. Mr. Goswami also has the uncanny habit of having his producer mute the audio mike of Pakistani guests, whenever they criticise India. During this particular debate, General G.D. Bakhshi, addressing, me, stated that “since the Pakistani military is clearly incapable of handling the terrorists, Indian security forces should enter Pakistan and sort out these terrorists.” His boast infuriated me to the stage, where I had no option but to state that “If you want to come into Pakistan, come but we will give you such a bloody nose that you won’t know what hit you. You tried sending two Su-30s on a probe mission into Pakistani airspace just after the Mumbai Attack, because you were contemplating surgical strikes. Two PAF F-16s intercepted your fighters and took their cine and informed the pilots that if they did not beat a hasty retreat, they will be blown out of the sky.” This angry retort of mine was picked up by a Pakistani website which placed it on social media. It went viral within hours getting over a million hits. For a few weeks, I was not invited to Arnab Goswami’s show.


During another show by Arnab, Maroof Raza, while discussing Pakistan’s military operation “Zarb-e-Azb”, ridiculed it calling it “Operation Zarb-e-Kazb”. I rebuked Maroof Raza, stating that “Maroof coming from you, a Muslim, this comment is tantamount to blasphemy since “Azb” is the title of the sword of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and you have labeled it as “Kazb” which means falsehood. Blasphemy is punishable by death.” Arnab and Maroof got scared and went into a long tirade defending Maroof Raza how he is a good Muslim and a great scholar.


On September 5, 2016, during the G-20 Summit Conference, Narendra Modi declared “one single nation in South Asia” that is spreading “agents of terror” in the region. “We expect the international community to speak and act in unity, and to respond with urgency to fight this menace. Those who sponsor and support terrorism must be isolated and sanctioned not rewarded… For us a terrorist is a terrorist.” This was ample opportunity for “Times Now” to debate this apparent chastising of Pakistan by the Indian Prime Minister in “The News Hour”. This scribe was a participant; when the anchor mockingly asked that wasn’t it embarrassing to be isolated by the international community? My response was that Narendra Modi said in his comment “one single nation in South Asia”. He did not have the courage to name Pakistan, in sharp contrast to Pakistan Army Chief’s September 1 speech at Gilgit, where he directly addressed Narendra Modi and RAW and asked them to stop conspiring against Pakistan. I added that as far as isolation is concerned, Narendra Modi should be asked how he felt, when after the 2002 Gujarat massacre, he was labeled as “The Butcher of Gujarat” and a majority of the members of G-20 had refused to grant him visit visa because according to Google’s list of Top Ten Terrorists of the world, Modi’s name appeared on the top. This caused a furor in the Indian camp.

At times Arnab Goswami resorts to inviting Pakistani origin participants like Hussain Haqqani, Ahmar Musti Khan and Tarek Fatah to denigrate Pakistan on his behalf and claim that even your Pakistani friends think so low of you.


Sometimes Arnab Goswami plays the ultimate trick on his viewers, presenting a female shrouded in niqab, with an apparently false name, pretending to be Baloch freedom fighter, hurling false accusations at Pakistani Army and ISI on behalf of RAW.


My advice to Pakistani participants appearing on Arnab Goswami’s show is that go prepared with facts and take on the Pakistan baiting anchor with logic and reasoning and defend Pakistan with valour. Don’t let him have a field day or the pleasure of overwhelming Pakistan in the verbal duel.


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  2. Mr halali if you can’t stand you can’t beat, that shows the very low grade of education you people are getting, when you can’t understand and reply you start moaning how it was orchestrated beforehand, and if that’s not sufficient drag your prophet (pbuh) into it blaming and spoiling his name as if prophet(pbuh) himself have directed the population of pak to spread terrorism

  3. Unfortunately, the panelists from Pakistan reinforce poor reputation and lack of credibility due to their style. They end up being provoked by Arnab and get into silly shouting match and abusive behavior which is exactly what Times Now wants. In the end, Pakistan as a nation appears headless, clueless and heading in the wrong direction.

  4. Hali,obviously you are a special kind of idiot.I saw you on NEWSHOUR and you were made to apologise for the bad language you used.Shows your upbringing…

  5. For your kind info Mr.IDIOT SU-30mkI has approx.150 chaff & flares and F-16 has some 30 so who do u think will stay longer in fight ?

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