Terrorist attacks in KP


Intelligence failure


Operation Zarb-e-Azb no doubt succeeded in bringing down considerably the number of terrorist attacks.  What is equally significant is that even after several intelligence-based targeted operations followed by combing operations deadly terrorist attacks still continue to take place.  Within weeks of the Quetta incident that killed over 70, there were two attacks on Friday in Peshawar and Mardan, with at least one civilian casualty in the former and over a dozen in the latter.  This implies that the task of completely eradicating terrorism might take many more years. There is a need under the circumstances to concentrate fully on the enhancement of the efficiency of civilian intelligence and law enforcement bodies because it is not feasible to keep the army, FC and Rangers deployed for years in urban anti-terrorist operations while they are badly needed to guard the borders.


The two incidents in KP are indicative of intelligence failure. In Mardan particularly the administration seems to have been taken by surprise. This shows that NACTA which was to be the centerpiece of the government’s anti-terror policy has yet not been activated.   In August NSA Janjua held the maiden meeting of the committee to implement the neglected provisions of NAP. If, as expected, a mechanism was evolved to fast track the implementation of NAP, one has yet to see any sign of its effectiveness.


On Thursday ISPR chief Lt Gen Bajwa talked about a vital challenge facing the Pakistan Army and how the army intends to deal with it. Terrorists, he said, infiltrate either sides of the 2,600 km border which is porous. The army is trying to improve border management to resolve this issue. While constructing 18 gates on the border might be a good idea, it might not stop the highly motivated and resourceful terrorists from crossing the long border by making use of differences between the two countries. The only way out for both countries is to concentrate on resolving their disputes, developing mutual confidence and jointly acting against the terrorists on both sides without cherry picking.



  1. The Punjab based terrorists went slightly wrong in the timing of these terror attacks.PM was addressing another relaunching of an old project and he was too excited. His speech mannerism waving a fist reminded one of Musharraf after infamous 12 May!!
    No wonder Achackzai and Asfand Wali want Afghanistani refugees to stay!!!!!

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