Pakistani diplomats ‘enjoy their time in Washington’, says outgoing Indian ambassador


Outgoing Indian Ambassador to the United States Arun Kumar Singh has stated that India’s diplomatic tactics and foreign policy are much powerful as compared to that of Pakistan.

While giving an interview, he said that the ties between US and India shall remain pleasant irrespective of whichever political party forms the government in the United States as the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have been captivated by his country’s diplomatic strategies.

Answering to a question, Singh criticised Pakistan and said that Indian diplomats in the US remained busy in further improving the country’s image and were involved in lobbying in the US House of Representatives instead of wasting their time in leisure activities whereas the diplomats belonging to India’s neighbouring country (Pakistan)  enjoyed  their time in Washington.

Singh said that the Pakistani diplomats should take lessons related to diplomacy from the Indians, further adding that Indian businessmen associated with the technological companies in the United States have almost gained control over the US industry and over the country’s digital technology.

Former Indian diplomat said that his country’s diplomacy had played quite a role in establishing long-term trade relations with the United States.


  1. Pakistan government appoints cronies as ambassadors, rewarded for their servile loyalty, expertise and experience in diplomacy is not a requirement, they do not represent their country nor its national interest, they represent the wishes whims and vested interest of their master, the country's prime minister.

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