Hamza Abbasi served notice for spreading “false rumours”


Famous TV and film personality Hamza Ali Abbasi was issued a notice on Wednesday by the Punjab government for spreading “false rumours” regarding child abductions in the province.

Abbasi, who is very  vocal about his political views on his Facebook profile, took to the social networking site yesterday to inform his followers about the development.

“So the Govt of Sharif Royal Family has sent me a prosecution notice that I spread false rumours about 900 children being kidnapped from Lahore and spread “Fear” in the people. Being a common man, I get my news and facts from News Channels and Newspaper articles, so following are the links of well reputed media outlets on this matter,” he said on his profile, before listing the links.

The actual government notice states that the number of the aforementioned incidents are widely exaggerated by Abbasi and the actual quantum is roughly a third of the one he has quoted.

The notice said that Abbasi’s post “was exaggerated and it created a sense of insecurity in the general public.”

Later on, appearing on a television channel, Abbasi said, “the notice must be served to the news outlets as well. I, as a Pakistani, say that these politicians are as insensitive like animals,