12-year-old dies on father’s shoulders after hospital denies treatment in India


A 12-year-old child in India’s Uttar Pradesh state died on his father’s shoulders after the government-run Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital (LLR) allegedly denied admitting him, according to a report on India Today.

The decision came after half an hour the request was made to the administration.

The doctors instead asked the father, Sunil Kumar, to take the child named Ansh to children’s hospital which is 250 metres away from LLR.

Adding to the misery, the hospital staff also did not provide any stretcher to Sunil on which he can carry his son to children’s hospital.

Kumar then hurried off to the hospital while carrying his son on his shoulders but Ansh passed away in the way.

The child was pronounced dead by the doctors at children’s hospital.

Sunil was not even provided with any assistance at that moment and he again carried his back to home on his shoulders.

This incident comes merely days after a video showing a tribal man in Odisha, carrying his dead wife on his shoulders, went viral. It was reported that the authorities did not help him and he was compelled to walk 10 kilometres carrying his dead wife.

In another incident, a woman’s body had to be broken at the hip so that men could carry it on a bamboo pole.



  1. India is a hell for poor, tourists and minorities. India is a cancer for the whole world.

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