Man involved in smuggling children’s body organs to India arrested


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday arrested a man involved in the smuggling of body organs of children to India.

FIA officials said an investigation has been initiated after obtaining the remand of the culprit, named Umar Shahab, a former section officer.

They said that the culprit is also being investigated about the whereabouts of other members of his gang on the suspicion that there’s a link between the gang and recent surge in cases of child abduction.

Shahab, who has also served in Pakistani embassy in Kuwait, used to smuggle vital body organs of children, including their kidneys and liver, to India.


  1. The government will release such wicked persons after a time as there is no such law to behave with them according to their crimes. Our politicians can just pass the cyber bill as their danger realities are discussing on social media that's it. Why they will punish such dogs? why they will do justice to the affected families? Yes they can do it but only for the higher class like the chief justice son kidnaped from Karachi but restored in District Tank of KPK.

    Our government should pass such laws to punish them urgently before the public.

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