Fair accountability will be last day of incumbent government  




Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Leader and former governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that ineffective, inefficient and useless government has become a burden for the nation.

The government doesn’t do anything except protecting themselves, he said, and added that Punjab government has filled all its shelves with MOUs but real progress is zero.

An increase of 13 per cent in annual debt of Pakistan is a testimony of government failure, he added.

“Free and fair accountability will be the last day of the government because their real face will be unveiled before the people,” Sarwar said.

He said millions of people will join September 3 accountability rally. He was addressing the Jalsa of PTI in Gagoo Mandi.

Central Information Secretary Syed Samsam Bukhari, ITF leader Waseem Ahmed, and central leaders Chaudhary Mansoor, Tariq Irshad, and Raja Qamar and others were also present on the occasion.

Sarwar said why are the PMLN leaders afraid if they are clean-handed? Nothing can be hilarious and conspicuous against democracy other than corruption of rulers, he said. “Consulting the Supreme Court on Panama Leaks is the democratic and constitutional right of PTI and we will continue our fight on the streets,” he maintained.

Syed Samsam Bukhari said PMLN wants to hide their corruption but they won’t succeed. Waseem Ahmed said the time of this government has ended and people will hold rulers accountable soon. Central leaders Tariq Irshad and Chaudhary Manzoor said politics is the right of all people except traitors.

Efforts of law enforcement agencies for establishing peace in Karachi are adorable and culprits must not abstain from the law, they concluded.