Taking necessary steps against atrocities in Indian-held Kashmir: Foreign Office


The Foreign Office on Thursday said that the government of Pakistan was taking all steps against the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

Speaking to media personnel in Islamabad, the spokesperson for the Foreign Office slammed Indian Premier Modi and said that his recent statements about Balochistan were an attempt to shift the world’s focus from Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. He further said that Balochistan had responded to the Indian Prime Minister’s statement by taking out protests.

Speaking about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s upcoming visit to Pakistan, the spokesperson said that he had not received Kerry’s visit schedule but said that during the past month, the former senator had expressed his desire to visit Pakistan.

On the issue of Afghanistan, the Foreign Office’s spokesperson said that Peter Lavoy’s visit to Pakistan was a routine visit.

The spokesperson while commenting on MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said that the Interior Ministry had contacted British authorities to discuss the issue with them.

The spokesperson also said that Pakistan was to host the SAARC conference in November 2016.


  1. What has been happening in Balochistan, Sindh… and rest of pakistan on arbitrarily eliminating the 'bad-terrorist' without due process pales the law and order situation in Kashmir.

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