Govt purchased land for SZABMU, patients’ suffering to subside


The suffering of patients visiting Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) might be eased considerably, as the government has decided to purchase a land for Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University to end the controversy permanently.

The patients at PIMS bore the brunt of the protest strikes by PIMS employees, who were seen quite often protesting for what they call safeguarding and protecting their rights.

Well-paced sources told Pakistan Today, that the land would be purchased somewhere in H-12 for constructing a separate building for Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University aimed at putting an end on the university and PIMS’s controversy.

Sources said that since the decision has already been taken so the PIMS employees have no right to hold protest demonstrations. They said that the PIMS employees would be left with no excuse to hold protest strikes on the excuse of safeguarding their rights because the university would automatically come under the control of Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Talking to Pakistan Today, SZABMU/PIMS Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Javed Akram confirmed that the government is planning to purchase land somewhere in H-12 to build a university there.

He said that it is also under consideration that a hospital would also be constructed alongside the university. Dr Javed said the issue of PIMS employees has already been settled, therefore, they ended their protest.

However, when contacted, PIMS Nursing Association President Sharif Khatak said that it is no solution to the problem to purchase a land for the university.

He said that the issue could only be resolved if the 2013 act could be amended to separate the hospital and university administratively.

Khattak said that at present all affairs of the hospital are running by the university and mere construction of a separate university building is not the solution to the problem.

When asked if the university would be atomically come under the control of the HEC, he said that it could only possible with amending the said act; otherwise the problem would continue persisting.

Khattak, however, said that they have no objection to using the hospital for teaching and clinical purposes, but administratively it should not be controlled by the university.








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