Kashmir movement heading towards plebiscite: APHC chairman

  • Says OIC should have come to rescue suffering people in IHK, but past experience was not encouraging


All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani while welcoming the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Iyad bin Amin Madani’s statement on the grim situation in Kashmir said the world’s largest Muslim body has acknowledged the universally accepted fact about the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Geelani in a statement maintained that resolutions and press briefings alone would not soothe the wounds of Kashmiris.

“Our bloodshed and merciless killings by Indian armed forces on daily basis for the last seven decades, particularly for the past 45 days, where whole population has been besieged and people tortured with all their might, demands concrete steps to pressurise India to stop these crimes,” he added.

While affirming OIC’s observation that present movement in Jammu and Kashmir is heading towards plebiscite, the APHC chairman said, “Our stand has always been that people of whole Jammu and Kashmir should be given the choice to decide their future and the decision should be acceptable to all.”

“OIC should have been dipping deep into the problems and issues faced by Muslim Ummah and should have come to the rescue of suffering people, but unfortunately past experience with OIC has not been so encouraging,” Geelani said.

Meanwhile, he said that journalistic fraternity has been going through tough times to narrate the daily happenings in the region.

“Under their professional obligations, they can’t isolate themselves by not reporting the bloody scenario of our land. Our mass movement, especially the present one, when whole population is determined to carry it forward to its logical end, demands a strong commitment from all of us. We need to come out of the cocoons we have woven around us. Professional assignments aside, we have some more obligations as part of an oppressed nation, which is struggling for its basic rights,” he said.

“Everybody needs to own this movement and share their bit of responsibility honestly. We can’t put this task to some leaders or some activists as the gloom and miseries of oppression have to be shared by all of us collectively directly or indirectly,” the APHC chairman added.


  1. For a plebiscite to happen Pakistan also needs to vacate Baltistan and other parts of Kashmir as per the condition laid down in UN resolution. If Pakistan is ready to fulfill this condition than they should call off their Army from Kashmir region and than demand for plebiscite in whole Kashmir. Till than Pakistan has no moral or legal right to ask for partial plebiscite in only Indian Kashmir. Moreover, Kashmir problem is religious not nationalist and there is no cure for religious demand of separation from secular India. In fact, if Kashmir gets separated from India than it will be a bigger threat for Pakistan in the form of a Islamic Caliphate which will eventually try to extend its Caliphate rule over Muslim populated Pakistan as well similar to ISIS. Else what do you think if Kashmir gets separated than these Jehadi with AK-47 will retire to their homes. NO. that will be foolish to even think of… these Jehadi will turn their focus on further Caliphate rule over Pakistan first due to proximity. So India is in a way saving Pakistan from a future attack by Islamic Caliphate army by fighting Kashmiri fundamentalists.
    I welcome a rationale based reply. Plz put a reply by Pakistan perspective if you disgaree.

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