Arbaaz reveals why he was chosen over Salman for Freaky Ali


Turns out even superstars can get turned down for roles. Despite Salman Khan’s interest in Freaky Ali, his brother Arbaaz Khan was chosen instead.

At the trailer launch of Sohail Khan’s upcoming movie, Salman said, “I wanted to be part of Freaky Ali but Sohail somehow wasn’t ready. I even asked him for several characters, but he took Arbaaz, not me,” Hindustan Times reported.

“This film was completed in 38 days. If I had been in the film, it would have taken 138 days,” the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor added.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui revealed in an interview, “Salman Bhai was there while the narration was going on. He was happy with the script and was keen to do a role in the film. But this film doesn’t allow fitting him into a character because of his larger than life image. And Freaky Ali might have got disturbed by Salman Bhai’s grand image.”

“Once Sohail Bhai described me Freaky Ali’s one line, I was interested. Then he started to work on the script. When we wrote a script keeping an actor in mind, it made easier to structure a story. This is how Freaky Ali started,” he added.

Arbaaz Khan while speaking about his character in the film said, “I play Maqsood in the film, a sidekick. He is a gangster, a petty thief and extortionist. When Ali (Nawazuddin’s character) is in trouble, he helps him. He shares a turbulent equation with Ali throughout the film,”Hindustan Times reported.

The story revolves around how to golf — the game of the super elites — can be mastered by a poor nonprofessional too.

Directed by Sohail Khan the rom-com sports drama is set to release on September 9.