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End the Syrian war



First Russian involvement changed the fortunes of the Syrian civil war to a large extent. Then first some, and later much, of the world began a sort of decoupling with the Gulf regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, and moved closer to Iran. Then the Syrian Arab Army started regaining lost cities and highways, especially the route from the Turkish border to the disputed city of Aleppo; which no longer supplies rebels with American anti-tank weapons, etc. And now, with the Americans, GCC, Nato, etc, on the back foot, the Chinese have also engaged with the war, training the Syrian forces as they close the noose around the rebels, particularly ISIS.

Meanwhile, Syrians continue to die. A notable example was recently made by Turkish President Reccip Erdogan. Once he realised he picked the wrong side, he apologised to Russia and has even initiated restoration of ties with Damascus. If only this good sense had come to Ankara before some tens of thousands of people died securing the Turkish border, perhaps the war might already have taken a different turn. Or, more realistically, if similar sense can be brought to influence some of Erdogan’s other eager players in this war, the suffering of the Syrian people will end sooner rather than later.

The countries that interfered in Syria have realised by now that the government is not going to fall with these tactics. Indeed, if the Russians, Iranians, etc, had not provided timely relief, it is very possible that the combined weight of the US, EU, Nato, GCC, Turkey, Jordan, etc, would really have unseated the Ba’athist regime in Damascus. Now all stakeholders must organise to identify and apprehend whosoever is still arming and funding these terrorists that are trying to unseat a sovereign government. The war will end as soon as this funding is choked.






  1. Eddied said:

    The butcher of Damascus has killed over 400,000 of his own people and displaced millions. And the only plan he has going forward is to kill more people to stay in power…Russia and Iran are supporting this barbarian dictator and the Syrians just continue to die…

    • Riaz Ahmad said:

      What about those responsible of destabilizing, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, ultimate responsibility wrests with them, before their imposition of democracy through the barrel of the gun, cruse missiles, drones, warships and stealth bombers, slaughtering millions in the process, there was relative peace in all these countries. There was no mad influx of refugees in to Europe.

      • Eddied said:

        What about other Muslim dictators like Saddam Hussein and ayatollah Khomeini who sent millions of Muslims to their deaths in the Iran/Iraq war? What about when Iraq attacked Kuwait and raped that country and set the oils wells on fire? What about when Osama Bin Laden sent suicide terrorists to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York City? It is clear who is responsible fordestabilizing the region…open your eyes fool…the enemy is within..

  2. Eddied said:

    the butcher of Damascus has killed 400,000 of his own people so far…and with the help of Russia his plan is to keep killing as long as he remains in power…how many thousands more must die before this muslim dictator is removed?…he is another Saddam Hussein…

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