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Pakistan records protest over desecration of national flag by Afghan protesters

Pakistan on Friday recorded a strong protest with the Afghan government and closed the Bab-e-Dosti Gate at Chaman Border over desecration of the country’s national flag by Afghan citizens protesting against Pakistan.

The protest by Afghan citizens was held in reaction to a similar protest by tribes on the Pakistan side had held on Thursday denouncing Indian Prime Minister Modi’s controversial statement on Balochistan.

Pakistan demanded stern action against those involved in the desecration of Pakistani flag as Pakistani forces closed the Bab-e-Dosti Gate and suspended the NATO supply which disrupted trade on either side of the border.

Afghan citizens on Friday took out a rally against Pakistan for their Independence Day up to the Bab-e-Dosti Gate at the Torkham Border.

Earlier in the day, Afghan citizens, in the presence of their security forces, pelted the Bab-e-Dosti Gate with stones, due to which the glass of the gate shattered. The angry protesters later desecrated a Pakistan flag by burning it.

The Frontier Corps, in retaliation, closed down the Bab-e-Dosti Gate due to which trade across the border came to a complete halt.

Long queues of NATO trucks and other vehicles formed at the border, due to which traders faced immense difficulties.

Modi had sparked controversy on the Indian Independence Day on August 15 when he had alleged that Pakistan was a supporter of “terrorism” and that the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Kashmir had thanked him in the past few days.

Tensions had flared at Torkham earlier in July when Pakistan decided to construct a gate to monitor movement of goods and passengers across the border. Firing by Afghan forces had killed a Pakistan major and injured several others. Construction of the gate was completed in August.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    We should throw out every single Afghani from our country. There is no between India and Afghanistan. Ahsaan faramoosh

  2. Pakistani said:

    Afghanistan and Afghanis are major problem for Pakistan. They are parasites. We can trust India but not Afghanistan. Government must act against them now. Start train service, pick every Afghani, and drop in border. And then close the border for atleast a year. You will see 60% less crimes in Pakistan.

  3. Sam said:

    Absolutely.Afghanistan can never be at peace unless they stop playing games designed by other countries. Afghan government is made of once northern alliance. Which were close ally of India. We should take war back to kashmir and khalsa punjab. And we should also gove political support to people in nagalanad and other freedom movements.

    Once India stop its infiltration in Afghanistan (which she wont) peace shall pervail on both sides of border.

    India is on self destruct mode. Imagin millions of dalat and muslims rising against disrespect from high cast Hindus?

    Those who thought peace is possible with India lives in dreams. Once i thought of peace but unfortunately only agenda of India is to wipe out Pakistan. Well we will go down with India IF thatvtime came…..

    Praise to ALLAH and HIS Prophet PBUH

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