US position on Kashmir remains unchanged: Elizabeth Trudeau | Pakistan Today

US position on Kashmir remains unchanged: Elizabeth Trudeau

US Department of State’s Press Office Director Elizabeth Trudeau Monday said that US position on Kashmir has not changed.

Elizabeth Trudeau said, “The pace, the scope, the character of any discussions in Kashmir is for the Pakistan and India to determine.”

She further stated that the US will support all positive steps that Pakistan and India can take to forge closer relations.

Regarding current violence in the Indian-held Kashmir, Elizabeth Trudeau said, “the US is aware of the clashes. We remain concerned about the violence and we encourage to all sides to make efforts for finding a peaceful resolution.”

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  1. Ibrahim Janjuarajput said:

    Madam US Indian Prime Minister "MOOZI" is enemy of peace. He declared him enemy of Pakistan in BenglaDesh and now on 15th August. Fire and water cannot co-exist so is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India. In fact India has been slave of Muslims so they will revenge and shall never loose any moment to do that. Much better to prepare ourselves for the worst and never underestimate the enemy. We should prepare ourselves for the right moment avenge and break this enemy of us into small pieces so that "Naan rahay baans aur naan bajjay baansree"

    • Pervez said:

      "Naan rahay baans aur naan bajjay baansree" it more or less applies to your great country of Pakistan, it isn't if it is when it may break apart and with all indication it will happen in our lifetime if you don't learn to behave like a good neighbor. Remember 1971?

    • Shan said:

      Krishna Jee it is obvious you were not around at the time of 1971 conflict this is why you show so much ignorance! Bangladesh was only created with help of Zionist US 5th Fleet in the Bay of Bengal. Please enlighten yourself check history and come off your high horse!!!!

      • Shan said:

        And the Thorn in the side of India and US is the ISLAMIC BOMB.

        • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

          Dear Shan,

          Why don't you just accept that it was the pakistan's failure to respect the electrol results that led to the defeat in the East. There was no zionist conspiracy. Henry Kissinger told ZAB to let og of East Pakistan because it was going to be a basket case country. The seventh fleet was just rabbel rustling and nothing more. Forget about the Islamic bomb. Pakistan has made it —well done.

      • Pervez said:

        so naive, the 5th fleet saved the west pakistan to fall apart , thank Kissinger and Nixon otherwise the great nation of Pakistan may not be in existence today you Einstein!

  2. eddied said:

    Basically the US is telling Pakistan to solve its own problems…unfortunately there are so many hate filled fanatics inn Pakistan, who are driven by their anger, it has become impossible to have a civil conversation between neighbors…Once again that is your problem and it will only be resolved through dialog and negotiation…two things fanatics cannot do…

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