Couple sells daughter for Rs100,000 in Peshawar


Police arrested a couple found involved in the sale of their own newborn for 100,000 rupees in Peshawar Monday (today) .

During the investigation, the suspects revealed that a couple sold a baby girl to them for 100,000 rupees.

After the identification, police managed to arrest the couple in Nowshera district Pabbi tehsil who revealed that they already have five daughters and financial crisis forced them to sale their sixth daughter.

Police said that the couple is parents to an infant girl and their arrest came during the investigation of the case related to the kidnapping of newborn babies from hospitals.

The parents of the baby girl will be presented before a court, police said, adding that the couple was arrested on a tip-off by under custody gang involved in Kidnappings.

On Friday, Peshawar police busted a gang involving five women and two men, including a nurse, two health workers and an agent for alleged involvement in baby trafficking.

The gang would take away newborn babies and hand over dead babies to parents. The kidnapped babies were then sold for Rs70,000 to Rs300,000, SSP Abbas Marwat had said.

According to him, female doctors and nurses were also a part of the gang. The criminals had already sold nine babies and one baby was recovered by security forces.