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If you can’t convince them, confuse them

  • Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar launches scathing attack on PPP leadership, claims a PPP member approached him for reconciliation in cases of Dr Asim Hussain and Ayyan Ali
  • Says air tickets of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Ayyan Ali are paid for from same account
  • Says those criticising NAP have not even read the document, undue criticism of security agencies no service to country

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who has faced scathing criticism in the recent days over his department’s failure in ensuring law and order in the country and non-implementation of the government’s much-touted National Action Plan (NAP), on Friday appeared to divert the spotlight from himself by launching a ferocious attack at the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership, saying those who received exorbitant fees in cases are pleading Ayyan Ali’s case free of cost, knowing that the model girl was caught while smuggling $500,000 abroad.

Without taking any direct digs at the PPP, Nisar, while addressing a press conference, said, “There is a political party which is wholeheartedly bent upon targeting me. And, the opposition leader (in National Assembly) is opposed to me, not the government.”

The minister also referred to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, saying, “I was lavished with praise from all quarters over my stance on Kashmir. This left a political leader, who reads out his speeches, speechless.”

“I do not want to reciprocate all allegations, nor do I want to spell out how a meter-reader progressed and who Benazir Bhutto had delegated LPG quota to,” he said.

The minister also revealed that a man had approached him with a message of reconciliation in return for a settlement over the issues of Dr Asim Hussain and supermodel Ayyan Ali.

“I said to him that Dr Asim’s case was with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the current prosecutor general was appointed during your (PPP’s) tenure. I also asked him who was defending Ayyan Ali? Those who speak the most against me,” added Nisar. He said that this person also claimed that air tickets of Bilawal and Ayyan Ali were paid off from the same bank account.

The minister also advised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan to raise questions about Surrey Palace and the $60,000 with Bilawal before taking him on board on his “container”. He, however, said that the opposition was not serious in measures against corruption; rather it was exploiting the issue to secure vested interests.

‘Refuting wrong impression about security agencies my duty’:

The Interior minister also lambasted those who criticised the National Action Plan (NAP), stating that those who had not even read the National Action Plan (NAP) were analysing it. He lambasted the PPP over the reaction of some of the party’s MPAs against his speech in the National Assembly earlier in the week.

“Undue criticism of the security agencies is no service to the country. It is my duty as the interior minister to refute the wrong impression created about security agencies,” he said.

Nisar also questioned that why anti-terrorism measures were not taken by those in power during the past as the war had been ongoing for the past 15 years.

He said the world has recognised Pakistan’s successes in the war on terror. “Terrorists are on the run, and they are desperately hitting soft targets. Twenty thousand intelligence-based operations have been carried out which helped to prevent several terrorist attacks,” he added. Nisar also regretted that terrorists were getting support from across the border.

‘Pakistanis cannot remain silent over atrocities in held Kashmir’:

The interior minister said that dialogue was the only option for Pakistan and India to resolve their outstanding issues, but unfortunately India always closed the door for talks on Pakistan and indulged in mud-slinging.

He said no Pakistani could remain silent over the atrocities being committed against the people of occupied Kashmir by Indian forces. “The people of Pakistan are emotionally attached with the Kashmiris and rightly protested against the recent violence in held Kashmir,” he said.

Referring to Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s early departure before the conclusion of the recent SAARC Interior Ministers’ conference in Islamabad, Nisar said he only defended his country. “As a Pakistani I responded to the disgraceful remarks of the Indian minister about Pakistan. India’s authoritative attitude shall not be tolerated,” he added.

Nisar said that a proper reception was given to the Indian minister during his visit to the country. He however added that the luncheon arranged for the delegates of different countries that took part in the conference was not organised by him.

‘Barrett not a spy, will be deported’:

Nisar said that American blacklisted national Matthew Barrett would be deported within the next three days in light of the findings of the joint investigation team’s report.

He said the findings did not suggest that Barrett was a spy; he was just found in objectionable activities.

The minister said the American national was blacklisted by Pakistan in 2011 and deported on the orders of the court, but despite that he was issued a visa by Pakistani consulate in Houston.

He said action was being taken against the officials who issued visa to Barrett; however, the one who identified him would be given appreciation prize.

NADRA’s CNIC re-verification campaign:

Referring to the re-verification campaign of computerised national identity cards, Nisar said that over thirty million identification cards in the country had been verified till now, adding that 14 foreigners returned their fake Pakistani ID cards on their own. He said that five thousand ID cards were blocked upon receiving complaints from general public.

The interior minister encouraged the people to complain against those who possessed fake ID cards, further stating that the names of those who shall be complaining shall be kept confidential.

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  1. neutral said:

    Whatever the outcome of their poliical tussle, some interesting stories are coming out like Mr 10%'s relationship with money-mule Ayan Ali, back-channel approach for withdrawing cases against Dr Asim, Ayan Ali, former Governor Khosa defending Ayan Ali for free and more, like Meter reader etc. Fifty times, the money-mule appeared in courts without any outcome. So who was sponsoring this drama and the actors, is more clear now that the man in self-exile across the Arabean Sea is director and producer of the high-profile drama. Democracy in Pakistan – MY FOOT !

  2. samir said:

    So this American, who was given a legal visa to enter the country and has been proven not to be a spy, will be deported anyway?… on what basis?… that as a tourist years ago he had maps of the country he was visiting?… or that he stumbled into a sensitive area because he did not know where he was?… or is it simply because he is an American?… Glad the USA has reduced funds it is giving to your unfriendly country… Pakistan really owes this man an apology…

  3. imran ali said:

    before he was using Imran Farooq case to divert public attention

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