August 15: Sikh community in US to observe ‘black day on Indian Independence Day


Sikh community in United States has decided to take part in Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations on August 14 and observe black day instead of celebrating Indian independence on August 15, reported Saturday.

Charan Singh, a leader of the Sikh community in the US said that India is pursuing planned operations against Kashmiris and Sikhs.

International powers are ignoring Indian government’s dark character by considering it a meditated plan, he said.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India had throats of Muslims slit at the time when he was the chief minister of Gujrat and now as the premier, he was playing Holy with blood of the minorities in India, Singh said.

Singh complained that not one country was making efforts to stop this ‘misled elephant’.

A renowned lawyer in New York, Tajinder Singh said that every country was aware of Research and Analysis Wing’s coordination with Afghanistan intelligence agencies to spread unrest in Pakistan.

International powers were playing mere spectators and watching innocent people die, he said adding that the same countries would side with Indian and blame Pakistan if a bomb goes off in India.

Tajinder said that Sikh community would set Indian flag on fire and observe black day on Indian Independence Day.

Sikhs were struggling to get freedom from Indian slavery and White House and United Nations have been dispatched letter to in this regard, he told.

He said that the community completely supports Kashmiris cause and demands that the valley be given right to self determination.

Tajinder Singh urged Pakistan government to help Sikhs realise their dream of a separate homeland, Khalistan and said that they would help free Kashmir from oppression.




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