Around 160 suspects killed during encounters from March to July: Sindh Police


Around 160 suspects have been shot dead during encounters in different districts of Sindh in just last five months (March to July) according to Sindh police statistics released to the media by assistant Inspector General of Police (operations) Arif Aslam Rao on Sunday.

According to the statistics, a total of 732 encounters took place in various districts of Sindh in which 160 suspects were killed during the months of March to July.

The police spokesperson clarified that these encounters were led by different police stations of different districts, including Karachi. The official added that suspects killed by the police’s special units like the Counterterrorism Department (CTD) were not included in the list.

Among the killed suspects, 52 were alleged terrorists, 103 involved in robberies and other crimes, and five were alleged kidnappers.

The police also claimed to have busted 225 “criminal gangs” through encounters, raids and other actions during the same period.

The police also seized 23 suicide jackets, 120 hand grenades, 12 rocket launchers, 102kg of explosive materials, one anti-aircraft gun, six LMGs/G-3, 366 shot guns/repeaters, 103 MP-5/rifles, 2,681 pistols/revolvers, and 17,983 bullets during the encounters from the custody of terrorists, robbers and kidnappers, according to the police report.

Meanwhile, Sindh Inspector General A.D. Khowaja, while taking a comparative analysis of the police statistics about the crimes, directed the police officers to enhance targeted actions and intelligence-based operations against absconders and other suspects involved in heinous crimes.