Extreme runner wants to be reunited with Chinese stray dog


Extreme marathon runner Dion Leonard hopes to bring a stray dog which followed him for 125 kilometers during a race across China, back to his home in Scotland.

Gobi the dog accompanied the team from the cooler side of Tian Shan range, keeping them company as they went over to the Black Gobi Desert in the Gobi March 2016 run, a 250km journey across the mountains and deserts.

Leonard has since started the “Bring Gobi Home” project to raise funds to bring Gobi to Scotland in time for Christmas.

“The…project has had enormous support from all around the globe. We now have the funding in place to be able to make this story now a reality and get Gobi to the UK,” Leonard told by email.

“Any leftover funds will then be donated to a dog shelter to be decided.”



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