Nawaz Sharif’s travails


Not one day’s task




Nawaz Sharif needs to act with sagacity and put in the best of efforts to stay afloat and win the next elections which are going to be held in less than two years. After three years of PML-N tenure promises to put an end to power shortages, turn the economy round and rid the country of terrorism remain mostly unfulfilled. While the opposition is on the offensive, there are dissensions within the PML-N ranks. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours are less than cordial. Nawaz Sharif needs to work overtime to boost the morale of his party men, win over some of the opponents and ensue that relations with the army are smooth.

In full form on Thursday, Nawaz Sharif held a meeting with the COAS, presided over PML-N’s parliamentary committee after two years and half, talked to Aftab Sherpao, Mahmud Khan Achakzai, Hasil Bizenjo and the newly appointed Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. He delivered a pep talk to boost the morale of the party legislators some of whom complained of the ministers being inaccessible and the pace of development schemes in their constituencies slow. Nawaz Sharif assured to address their concerns. Murad Ali Shah wanted the federal government’s help in some of the development projects of Sindh. He was promised that the prime minister would speak to his federal ministers and follow-up on the proposals that the two had discussed.

Tying up so many the loose ends is not one day’s task. It is not enough to say that sit-ins will not affect the government. There is no move yet to invite the opposition for talks on the ToRs. This has provided PTI a cause to continue with its preparatory protests aimed at testing the waters. The PTI-PAT duo is once again drawing closer. The PPP has promised to join them later. Attempts to improve the economy may not succeed if the country is to pass through a prolonged agitation.


  1. Please Sir, you are a Hindu, no one in Pakistan is unhappy with Nawaz Sharif’s talk on Kashmir apart from Indians and their half-caste brothers in Pakistan. Do not imagine that we do not see through the tears you are crying for the broken policy of misguiding Nawaz Sharif to a pro-Indian policy; believe me it will never happen that a half-Hindu will sit on the throne of Pakistan again.

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