Most tripped feeders restored in city, claims KE


The K-Electric issued a press statement on Saturday and informed about the details of tripping caused by recent monsoon rains.

According to the press statement, monsoon rains started on Friday evening, which caused EHT line tripping from Bin Qasim and affected different areas of Karachi. The areas included vicinity of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Garden, DHA and Dhabeji. The rain on Friday caused 400 feeders to trip, most of which are now restored. It must be noted here that the areas with high number of consumers using illegal connections always have high number of wire broken complaints which cause delays in restoration of power in these areas.

According to the KE spokesperson, “The KE teams have worked round the clock and restored electricity to the areas within a short span of time. Different areas of the city including Dhabeji were restored on high priority. However, in some of the areas power could not be restored due to the roads submerged in rainwater. The areas of DHA, Malir and Gulshan-e-Iqbal along with other areas of the city were also restored during the night”.

The press statement further added that the second spell of rain continued on Saturday morning and it caused tripping in some additional areas in the vicinities of Garden, Clifton, Lyari, Gizri and some parts of North Karachi. The power breakdown in the second spell of rain at Dhabeji and Gharo was again restored on priority basis. During the second spell of rains, out of the KE’s 1450 feeders, only 200 feeders were affected which the KE rain emergency response teams have immediately restored.