Nuclear reactors’ supply to Pakistan under NSG norms: China   | Pakistan Today

Nuclear reactors’ supply to Pakistan under NSG norms: China  

Defending its nuclear cooperation with its close ally Pakistan, China on Thursday said that its supply of nuclear reactors to Islamabad are in accordance with the principles of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and under the supervision of the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog.

Refuting a United States think tank report which said that China’s nuclear cooperation with Pakistan is in contravention with the NSG principles, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that China-Pakistan cooperation is in accordance with the 48-member nuclear club, which supervises global nuclear commerce.

“China has stated on many occasions that the cooperation between China and Pakistan in the civil nuclear energy sector is completely for peaceful purpose,” Chunyig said.

“Such cooperation is subject to the safeguards and supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency and in accordance with the NSG’s principles and the international obligations assumed by the two countries,” the spokesman said.

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  1. Hassan Ehtisham said:

    In contrast to the Indo-US deal, the Pakistan-China agreement is only for power generation. Sino-Pakistani nuclear cooperation was determined long before China became a member of the NSG or the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    When the nuclear agreement between the US and India and the NSG exemption for India came into force without Chinese objections, China's policy was developed to support the claims for compensation by Pakistan.

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