Iran executes 20 Sunni ‘terrorists’ in one day: state media


Iran has executed a group of 20 “terrorist” Sunni prisoners for committing several murders and undermining national security, state media reported on Thursday.

“These people had committed murder… killed women and children, caused destructions and acted against the security and killed Sunni religious leaders in some Kurdish regions,” IRIB television quoted Prosecutor General Mohammad Javad Montazeri as saying.

He said all the executions — carried out by hanging — happened on Tuesday.

Iran’s intelligence ministry on Wednesday issued a statement detailing 24 armed attacks between 2009 and 2011, including bombings and robberies, apparently by a single group.

The “Tawhid (monotheism) and Jihad” extremist outfit were responsible for the deaths of 21 people in three western provinces in that time span, the ministry said.

“102 members and followers of the Tawhid and Jihad terrorist group were identified… some of whom were killed in armed clashes with police forces and some were arrested. Some of those arrested were sentenced to death while some received prison terms,” it added.

Montazeri said that the convicts, some of whom had come from abroad, followed “takfiri” ideologies, a term Shia-majority Iran uses for describing Sunni militants.

In 2009, the group allegedly assassinated two Sunni religious leaders Mamusta Borhan Aali and Mamusta Mohammad Sheikh al Islam — a provincial representative of Iran’s powerful Assembly of Experts.


  1. A terrorist is a terrorist and deserves the treatment metted out to him. The religious affiliation is irrelevant and should be avoided!

    • Absolutely and if you are going to affiliate sect than state correctly they were Zionist Saudi sponsored Wahabis!!!!

  2. and if you want go even more specific etc IS(ISIL,ISIS) ,Al-qaeda,TTP( Afghan and PAK) Boko-Haram…all sunni groups or (Zionist saudi-american) sponsored terrorists.

  3. Iran is killing Sunnis in the name of terrorism. While in Pakistan Shias are crying for nothing. Iran policy is not based on justice. Can Pakistan kill shias in the name of terrirism. certainly not. Recently the agencies caught shias in Parachinar getting training to fight in Iraq and yemen.

  4. The religious affiliation is irrelevant and should be avoided!
    in irán totaly religious afiliaciones are adopte for other masalik like sunny.
    but true is against irán policies for other

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